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Starfield, enables the player to take control of an entire space station

Starfield, enables the player to take control of an entire space station

player from starfield He managed it He takes over of all Space station Hacker The Key, documents the incident on Reddit and explains that he doesn’t really know how he managed to accomplish this feat: Maybe this is a mistake?

The user explained: “I sold a stolen ship to pirates, so I went to change my key ship and the system allowed me to register The Key station.” Furthermore, the hull at that point became available via a shipbuilding company for modular modification, which gave rise to an idea Downloadable content (DLC) possible With these features.

The problem with space stations is that They are difficult to drive You can’t fly around it, but the player is still able to land The Key on a planet, albeit clumsily, and the structure appears to have suffered no damage, and in fact it is possible to get out and back again. blackboard.

If it is wrong, there are risks

The problem with a situation like this, especially if it’s actually a mistake, is that running the space station or perhaps selling it could actually happen Break the game and prevent progressWhich some users tried to explain through personal experience.

Selling the key, in this case, would mean the complete removal of that particular location from the Starfield campaign, preventing us from accessing any service, character or mission on board the structure.

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