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Staff shortages, nurses alert – Health


Trade unions at Friuli’s Western Health Authority say the ratio with patients is 1 to 12, while it should be from one to six.

Alarm from the nurses’ unions at Friuli Occidental Healthcare, there is a shortage of staff, the ratio with patients is 1 to 12, it should be from one to six.

While hospitalizations continue to increase, the position taken by the health unions of Cgil, Uil and Nursind towards the management of the epidemic emergency within the Western Friuli, that is, the Pordenone region, is difficult. Several critical issues were highlighted, with fixed-term contracts extended by one month while many services were reduced to restore staff. According to the trade unions, the ratio of nurses to social health workers and patients is 1 in 12, while 1 in 6, up to 1 in 14 should be in medicine in San Vito al Tagliamento with 7 people on the list and a bed place available Only one in general medicine. The memo emphasizes the need to suspend non-urgent interventions by inviting Director General Polimeni to hire staff because the funds, according to the unions, are in place.

Meanwhile, the regional health fund owns nearly an additional 47 million. For the first time in the region’s history, Ricciardi, the vice president in charge of health, said at the beginning of the year that an amount of resources was expected to have two effects: ensuring that healthy companies were stabilizing with certain and unlikely resources compared to maneuvers adopted in the past and holding the companies themselves accountable. Therefore, the Regional Council approved the allocation criteria of more than 7 million euros, of which 5 million are from regional resources and just over two million dollars in state funds, to compensate for the additional services provided by the staff of the prevention departments to trace contacts and violators. Persons assigned to the covid vaccination campaign. The distribution took into account the number of vaccine doses administered from January to November 2021 and the hourly needs represented by local health authorities.

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