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Weather turning point with cold weather or with thunderstorms?  Maybe both

Weather turning point with cold weather or with thunderstorms? Maybe both

A surge in the weather we’ve been trying to frame for daysa weather boom we’ve all been waiting for a bit and hope it comes as soon as possible because we honestly can’t stand all this heat.

There is no point in being supportive, and there is no point in saying that this heat is normal. It is not, it can never be, or maybe one day we will have to get used to this kind of Sahara desert climate. It is a pity that in those parts the heat is scorching, and here instead it has become damp because the water vapor from the Mediterranean Sea, as we have already known from the beginning, has raised the relative humidity levels dreadfully.

What many of you are asking us about the long-awaited turning point at the end of the month, the most frequently asked question is the following: Will there be? Then, you’ll ask us if it only happens with cold weather or if there are also thunderstorms.

We can tell you that he most likely willAt least, that’s what prediction models claim. The fact that we have been following this thesis for days leaves us quite calm and, to be honest, we must tell you that the turning point has been postponed anyway, so we cannot exclude that it may be canceled from moment to moment.

Will there be thunderstorms? Well, maybe yes and not just thunderstorms. Northern regions, for example, are already experiencing localized extremes, and if cold air rushes in from the Mediterranean, atmospheric instability could explode in other regions as well.

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Temperatures towards normal and very strong thunderstorms, this is the picture on the horizon. Obviously we must hope that the refreshing interlude does no more harm than the monstrous heat we face.