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Wins a Ticket to Space: The Reaction to Sir Branson

Wins a Ticket to Space: The Reaction to Sir Branson

What would you do if someone told you that you won a ticket to space in Richard Branson’s spacecraft? You’ll most likely have the same reaction as the girl immortalized in the video you find a little further down below who made an incredible fortune after winning a flight beyond Earth thanks to the Virgin Galactic space agency.

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The company has offered the opportunity for “mortal mortals” to be able to take a 100-kilometre-high flight without costs, We feel the thrill of microgravity and at the same time the ability to observe the planet we live on from afar. For space travel, ticket cost 450 thousand dollars The undoubted figure that not everyone can afford a whim that lasts a total of a few minutes, but that’s why the billionaire CEO of Virgin Galactic decided to give life to the lottery, and open to everyone their spacecraft, the amazing VSS, obviously completely free.


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The lottery in its first edition recently ended and the lucky winner was also Keisha S. Residing in the Caribbean country of Antigua and Barbuda. The lottery, in addition to allowing ordinary people to fly into space, also had a useful purpose as the $1.7 million raised thanks to 164,338 people who bought tickets, will be used by the charity Space for Humanity, related projects holism in space. “Everyone should have the same access to space – President Branson himself commented – no matter their age or whatever background they have.”

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Together with Keisha The daughter will fly too A student in astrophysics, he is clearly passionate about the universe, stars, and planet. And it was Only for her to be immortalized by the cameras By Virgin Galactic, responding to victory in a “quiet” manner. As writes, the next space explorer will enter the community of future astronauts at Virgin Galactic, which brings together more than 700 people who come from more than 60 countries around the world: a truly prestigious recognition. And who knows, the next VSS rider might not be a real, very important person. We are specifically referring to Elon Musk, The South African billionaire and owner of, among others, SpaceX, Branson’s rival Virgin Galactic. Musk recently made it clear that he wants to try out the competition, and as a result anything could happen.