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Spider violin, is it really dangerous?  What to do if you are bitten, expert advice

Spider violin, is it really dangerous? What to do if you are bitten, expert advice

Violin spider: a somewhat venomous species, here’s how to defend yourself

The violin spider is one of the most poisonous in Italy: but what to do if you are unfortunately bitten? SkyTG 24 He gave all the expert advice.

The bite of this spider can cause lesion on the skin In the most serious cases, Fever and rash. It is talked about first of all after the news of a a 58-year-old man, He was found dead in his hotel room Sabaudiain the province of Latina, he was bitten by a violin spider which caused him to have one Anaphylactic shock.

the Violin spider It is an animal that can reach the maximum ie5 cm long (between body and legs), brown or yellowish; He loves the heat and the night, so he is Very active on summer nightsWhile in the winter it tends to hibernate and resort to homes near fireplaces.
Among her favorite habitats are
cellars, the Hammamet and the attics. It is not an aggressive species and tends to be afraid of humans, but it can bite In case you feel threatened close to his network.
His bite is painlessBut after a few hours a red lesion may appear that itches intensely or slightly burns.

What do you do if you get bitten? It is recommended to wash the area well Soapy waterthen you need to contact Poison Control Centre To be able to obtain all the necessary information and, if possible, to photograph the animal in order to be able to identify it.
To avoid finding it in the house, it is advisable to try to reduce the areas in which it lives, ie Panels, cracks, window frames and pipe passagesmaybe stamp them with Scotch or silicone tape.

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