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Special events for World Epilepsy Day are also held in Udine

Special events for World Epilepsy Day are also held in Udine

Events for World Epilepsy Day.

Monday, February 12th will be there World Epilepsy Day which is celebrated Informing and spreading awareness among the population Regarding epilepsy and the clinical, administrative and social problems it entails. The city of Udine has always proven receptive in this regard, and once again this year, It will light up purple (epileptic color) The entire Via Mercatovecchio On February 10-11-12.

Moreover, on February 15, in cooperation with the neurologists and pediatric neurologists of ASUFC and the Epilepsy Societies FVG odv, “Zio Pino Baskin” and Sportinclusion FVG, the event will be held “Match point, epilepsy!”, Which combines an information session on “Sports and Epilepsy” with one session Baskin demonstrationIt is a comprehensive team sport with its origins in basketball.

Sports in general and Baskin in particular was chosen as the central subject For World Epilepsy Day Udinese 2024, taking into account The therapeutic and educational role Sports specializations. In fact, sports represent One of the pillars of healthy living preventive medicine, Facilitates discipline, socialization and commitment Employees to achieve results and increase self-esteem. Baskin predicts this Athletes with disabilities play with athletes without disabilities Often overcoming ideological barriers and promoting the continuous exchange of experiences.

Epilepsy It is the second most common chronic neurological diseaseIt can occur at any age and requires treatment for several years, if not throughout a person's life. Even today, despite numerous efforts made by scientific societies and patient associations, the characteristics of this disease and its management in daily life They are still little known outside the healthcare sector This contributes to Persistence of prejudices And the difficulties that patients sometimes face in daily life, at school, at work, in sports and in their free time.