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Asi |  Italian Space Agency

Asi | Italian Space Agency

to'Italian Space AgencyCoordination with CEOS Working Group Disasters Data have been provided continuously since 2012 Cosmo-Sky Med To monitor Hawaiian volcanoes. COSMO-SkyMed radar images are combined to form interferograms showing ground deformation associated with earthquakes and volcanic activity in the region.

ASI is currently supporting your monitoring activities Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO) Related to Kilauea and Mauna Loa volcanoes. The image below represents an important result of interferometric processing of COSMO-SkyMed data performed on Kilauea volcano by HVO between January 31 and February 1, 2024.

In detail, the image shows ground deformation associated with the recent intrusive activity recorded at the Kīlauea volcanic complex during a one-day time interval (from 6:00 pm on January 31, 2014 to 6:00 pm on February 1, 2024) and thus with reduced interference from noise sources. Colored fringes indicate regions of ground deformation, whose larger/smaller entity is represented by the larger/smaller alternation of these fringes. Each fringe of color represents a surface movement of 1.5 cm toward or away from the satellite's line of sight (the direction of movement depends on the direction of the color change). The results reveal a contraction of the summit region associated with a fundamental southwestward movement of magma, where the intrusion edges show ground uplift (up to about 50 cm) and a related diffusion phenomenon (with consequent local subsidence) of magma infiltration. Comparing this result with previous results, it can be seen that the magma seepage has moved to the southwest, in line with local seismic models.

Image credits: Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO)