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Space techniques and careers to protect the planet

Space techniques and careers to protect the planet

Review by Germana Galoforo

“Space Generation” This is the second volume of the series “Friends of the Planet”the Giunti Editore series is dedicated to the most important issues expressed by the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, addressed through informative texts and Disney comics, aimed at those concerned about environmental issues and the future of our planet.

“Generazione Spazio” was born thanks to In cooperation with the Italian Space Agency ASSI, which supervised the drafting of some texts and scientific supervision of the volume. Thanks to Assi, Italy has become at the forefront of countries working to develop sustainable technologies and protect the planet, in order to ensure a better future for humanity on Earth and in space.

The book offers a series of contents and insights intended for young readers and all space enthusiasts: from various careers in the space sector, to future exploration missions, all the way to the latest remote sensing satellite observation techniques that allow Earth to be monitored and preserved. .

The volume begins with an introduction by an ESA astronaut Luca ParmitanoThe first Italian to command the International Space Station (ISS) during his second mission beyond space, and a European with extensive experience in extravehicular activities, With over 33 hours and 9 minutes of “spacewalks” in his career. Astronaut Esa tells readers about his experiences and feelings in space, and how the awareness that the Earth is a place that must be preserved emerges more clearly from above: “The Earth, when viewed from below, may seem very intense.” Great for us. However, when you fly above it from a distance of 400 km, you realize how fragile it is: only a thin layer of atmosphere protecting billions of people and countless living creatures. It’s a delicate balance that needs our respect. It is nice to be an astronaut and it is nice to dream of becoming an astronaut. But in the meantime let’s think about what we can do on Earth now. Because the Earth and its future are not ours, but in our hands!

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The book continues with an illustration of the solar system, with information and curiosities about the planets that make it up and insights into upcoming space explorations of the Moon and Mars. One of the aims of the publication is to make young people understand how many opportunities the space sector already offers today, and will increasingly offer in the future, Thanks to the hyperbolic expansion of The new space economy With the important entry of individuals into the space sector. There are not only astronauts working in this wonderful sector: Astrophysicists, aerospace engineers, agricultural engineers, computer scientists, astrobiologists, as well as jurists and experts in international diplomacy, are just some of the many professionals and skills needed To undertake missions to explore our universe and develop space technologies useful not only to learn more about the universe but also to preserve our planet.

Among these is the pioneering role of Earth observation satellites, thanks to which we can constantly monitor and analyze all the changes occurring on the surface of our planet from space and better organize the necessary interventions in emergency situations such as floods or earthquakes. The book contains a Section of created images One of the satellites of the Italian constellation Cosmo Skymed And the mission Prism from the Italian Space Agency, whose explanation helps to better understand how remote sensing data can be used, for example, to improve crops, or control forest and woodland heritage,

“Generazione Spazio” also contains Two comedic stories set in space. Which, although first published a few years ago, shows interesting current items: “Uncle Scrooge and Ten Little Billionaires”, Published for the first time in the weekly magazine Baby mouse 2984 In 2013, Uncle Scrooge once again showed his business acumen and opened a new business: space travel to the moon, where he created an ultra-luxury resort. Uncle Scrooge’s fanciful idea has become a reality today, just ten years later: it’s called space tourism and it’s already starting to bring some wealthy space novices into orbit 400 kilometers from Earth.. The goal is to add modules to the International Space Station that can host new space tourists, or even build a hotel that rotates in space, in the form of a large Ferris wheel dozens of meters in diameter, rotating fast enough to create centrifugal force that offsets space. Absence of gravity.

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In the second story, “Eta Beta and the Planet Buzzard,” which was first published in 2010, Mickey Mouse and Eta Beta struggle with… The mysterious theft… of the moon! Solving the mystery will lead the two to wander through space and meet cute characters from other galaxies. The story’s underlying theme is respect for the ecosystem (whatever the planet!) and it leaves readers with an important environmental message about the importance of not only caring for the Earth but also developing technologies for space that are increasingly concerned with sustainability. .