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Going to Mars While staying in Turin, the Space Festival kicks off

Going to Mars While staying in Turin, the Space Festival kicks off

Go into space, stay in Turin and thus discover the secrets of the universe, and also talk about UFOs and urban legends. It is the Space Festival, which takes place from May 16 to 19, four days of conferences, guided tours, book screenings, film screenings, meetings and above all Sky Observations to learn about astronomy in a pop way through science, science fiction but also the game.

For the third edition of the event, born from the idea of ​​artistic director Marco Peri, exceptional guests will arrive in Turin such as Maurizio Celli, the first non-American astronaut to obtain the professional astronaut qualification from NASA. 1996 aboard space shuttle Columbia; Roberto Vettori, an Air Force and European Space Agency astronaut who completed three missions in space, flying on the Space Shuttle and on the Soyuz shuttle, and Air Force Colonel Walter Viladi, who participated as a pilot on Axiom 3 in January, one of the first commercial space missions Fully manned European mission to the International Space Station.

Massimo Roberto, a researcher at Johns Hopkins University and leader of the team overseeing the infrared camera of the James Webb Space Telescope, a unique instrument for observing the universe, is also scheduled to speak.

This edition will also be a large-scale festival, with its heart located in the Galleria San Federico, in particular the Lux Cinema rooms that will host screenings and talks, while presentations and food and wine breaks will be organized in the nearby Fiorfood. But not only that, there will be events at the Infini.To Planetarium in Pino Torinese, at the Aero Club Torino in Strada della Berlia and guided tours for the public at the Altec Research and Production Center in Corso Marche, which will present a cross-section of the industrial capacity of Torino's aerospace fabric.

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“It has been many years since the race to explore space and our knowledge of the universe registered such an acceleration as we are witnessing in this recent period – explains Marco Peri – thanks to new scientific discoveries and continuous technological innovations, which are increasingly pushing the boundaries between science and science fiction.” The festival program is expected to Space “wants to tell everyone about the great human adventure in space, in which Torino is participating, because among today’s children there could already be someone who will live on the moon or set foot on Mars and should be able to know how close his dream of going to is.” “What is beyond our planet to verify.”