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IKEA and a natural biologist explain how to find well-being at home: organizing spaces for mental and physical health

IKEA and a natural biologist explain how to find well-being at home: organizing spaces for mental and physical health

IKEA is not just a company that sells low-cost furniture: it offers new ways to experience interior spaces and experience new atmospheres. Let’s find out.

If we combine the experience of IKEA designers with the experience of a naturalist and a health expert, we will definitely get interesting ideas. In fact, the way we furnish our home and live in it has a huge impact on our mood. Therefore, the ability to organize spaces becomes an additional pampering to enjoy.

Obviously it doesn’t exist A unique recipe that suits everyone, and we are not always able to independently find the “order of things” as we would like. So we can turn to the advice of experts, in this case a well-known biologist who collaborates with IKEA.

Here are the steps to follow according to IKEA to make your home more welcoming, organized and improve mental health

This collaboration arises precisely from the fact that IKEA has always wanted to offer much more than just cheap furniture accessories. The company’s mission is to provide practical, comfortable, high-quality design solutions for the 360-degree home experience.

According to a survey promoted by IKEA, nearly half of people who reorganized their homes later declared themselves “happier.” So the concept is simple: a comfortable home also provides mental health. But how do we do this in practice?

How to organize order in the kitchen

Organizing the rooms of the house also means organizing your ideas –

It may seem really strange to combine highly emotional feelings with choosing furniture and organizing spaces. In fact, our home is truly an expression of ourselves, and therefore we can take concrete actions to improve it, inside and out.

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In fact, one of the naturalists’ advice is to “let go.” The first thing to do, if we want to recreate an environment that suits us, is to get rid of what is no longer needed, Even if there is an emotional connection. Therefore, before filling it, we must empty it, and in order not to underestimate the value of objects or memories we can donate everything to charity.

Then pay attention to Choose what you want to bring inside the house. According to the biologist, this should be applied to both objects and ideas, and therefore before furnishing or beautifying rooms, we should make a mental examination of real needs.

Finally, another secret lies in Create small, silent spaces dedicated to calm. Even a small corner is okay, as long as by living it you can “separate” from everything that befalls you. In short, very little is needed to create a very personal idea of ​​order and therefore of happiness in our home as well. If we are really hesitant, all we have to do is rely on the suggestions of our IKEA collaborators.