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Borian’s arrival confirmed! We reveal the exact imminent date »

Borian on the roadWe will soon reveal whether the return of the program Boryan the Puran What to say, though, as we have made clear on several occasions, our language is derived from Greek and then from Latin (and not from Russian), and ever since The ancient Greek we find the word Boreas which by converting o to eu from e to i, the passage to Buria (n) or Buriana is immediate, so much so that in many Italian dialects the word Buriana continues to refer precisely to Boryan.
Other idiomatic words that can be directly related to Russian should be rejected, if anything to the contrary, it is clear that the Russian word buran derives from the same common Greek and Indo-European root, but with changes derived from the use of a language other than Italian.

In terms of weather, however, the “great nightmare“Borian could be back very soon and really looks like the freezing waves of 1996, 2006, 2012 and 2018 that froze Rome (and how can we forget the great frost and snow of January 1985?).

in detail Boryan It’s an icy wind that blows over the endless lands during the winter Siberia and the Kazakh plains towards the Urals or the Sarmatian plains in European Russia. Sometimes gusts of wind From the wind can reach 100 km / h accompanied by blizzards that lead to a sharp decrease in visibility, Significantly increases sensitivity to cold. The main advantage is that it is a glacial air stream because it comes from an area where there is a “cold film”, i.e. An extremely cold, heavy layer of air near the ground And no more than 1000/2000 meters. This particular event generally remains confined to Russia or to most of Eastern Europe, however, In some cases it can also appear in Italy.

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But what triggers these freezing waves? You must find the reason above North Pole Where between January and February, every 5/6 years there is a surprise stratified. By this term, in meteorology, we refer to the term anomalous and intense heating From stratosphere terrestrial, over the arctic region, in order 30°/40°C in a few days. This heating, once activated, gradually tends to expand towards the upper troposphere, literally splitting polar vortex. And that’s exactly what can happen withThe beginning of the new year, when you smell a ring of global warming above Siberia Which could actually cause the polar vortex to crash.

It has already happened in the past and that is why we know very well that the edges of the same vortex can go down in latitude, resulting in a force Frost waves to the Mediterranean basin. And despite the statistics that this phenomenon will not be repeated this year (the last of which was actually only 4 years ago), according to the latest updates, the Strong warming at the top of the stratosphere Already with the start of the new year these days over Siberia. For this reason, a very cold phase in the second half of January starting from January 24-25, 2022 cannot be ruled out.