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Francesca Cipriani and Casella, together even before Gf Vip: unpublished video appears

Apparently Francesca Cipriani and Giocas Casella would have known each other even before older brother Phoebe. Do you know what the video is about seeing them together?

Francesca Cipriani and Cassella-politician 24

Francesca Cipriani and Jucas Casella They are two of the most lovable faces in this version of Big Brother VIP. Cute, funny, fun, real breath of fresh air inside the house. With their strong personality and sparkling vitality, they kept the general company at home, had fun and made this version more interesting and attractive.

Don’t forget their charades together during the day or live on Monday or Friday evenings. How can we forget when the beautiful Jevina pulled poor Jukas’ hair or when she “blowed” it. And again, when I pushed him in the last episodes to ask Alfonso Signorini to let Francesco’s friend stay. And that required a lot of commitment, but the term is confusing.Halloween‘ With ‘first“.

In short, together They make a cute pair And their relationship reveals a beautiful, honest and sincere friendship. But it is clear that the two They would have known each other even before participating in the Canale Cinque reality show. And to confirm this there will be a video!

Francesca Cipriani and Giocas Casella, check the unreleased video: they already got to know each other

Francesca Cipriani and Giucas Casella inside the house of Gf Vip showed that they had a feeling of deep friendship towards one and the other. It’s true that the two already knew before participating in the reality show because they both participated inFamous Island About two years ago. There they also showed their playful and naughty nature, but above all how they relate to an honest relationship.

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However, after this participation, there will be another “proof” that testifies to their knowledge and the relationship of their beautiful friendship. that it Video That Jevina will share it Instagram page Some time ago they depicted intent on hypnosis.

Yes, that’s it: direct hypnosis

Apparently, Francesca Cipriani and Giocas Casella long ago did a live broadcast together where Givina She was going to sleep her friend. During this hypnosis, Cassella had given signals to Cipriani to follow the message, in order to get him to proceed with the hypnosis.

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As soon as it all started, Giucas would make the girl make delicate movements, drawing lines on her face with red lipstick. She herself wrote in the post that all this is true, and that she had to review the video to be able to understand what happened. In fact, his last reaction says this. In short, they are so much fun together: who knows if they’ll bring the others together in the next episodes!