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Belen and Antinolfi, GF Vip's gossip explodes and she's not there: the reaction

Belen and Antinolfi, GF Vip’s gossip explodes and she’s not there: the reaction


Janmaria spoke of an ex-Argentine and a pregnancy, one of them thought of Rodriguez: The alleged answer arrives today

Belen Rodriguez knew it was being talked about in Big Brother Vip 6? I’m not sure, but what came out tonight could be in response to Gossip about Gianmaria Antinolfi. The story goes back a couple of days ago, when Signorini’s Vibon talked about an Argentine ex-girlfriend and someone put two and two together. Maybe a mistake, or maybe not. Gianmaria didn’t mention any names, so it’s not entirely certain he was talking about Belen. Instead, it was Jessica Selassie who blew the name Rodriguez: the princess ran to tell Solly Sorge. Nobody accidentally, in short.

Perhaps it is precisely for this reason that Beilin did not directly interact with the mention of names. what was posted on it Instagram Tonight can be a reaction to GF Vip Rumors About Pregnancy With Antinolfi. That’s right, he talked about an ex-Argentine girlfriend who was expecting him a baby. However, he was previously married and ran away to Argentina as soon as she found out she was pregnant with him. Gianmaria in no way mentioned Belen’s name, and was probably careful not to tell everything if it was indeed Rodriguez as everyone could relate the story to her.

This is clearly not the case with Jessica, who just heard The story of Gianmaria about the former pregnant Argentine She went to Sully to say that if Beilin came home she would destroy it. She is convinced that he was talking about Beilin, but no one can say for sure. In fact, it appears that Gianmaria has had other Argentine girlfriends, so it could be another precedent. Since someone by the name of Belen came home, the gossip It has spread like wildfire on social media and on the web.

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Perhaps Beilin found out everything yesterday, and therefore decided to respond in her own way. In fact, a strange story appeared on Instagram at night. Rodriguez posted a picture of her with a stunned and stunned expression, then added: “I didn’t understand the letter very well.”. It may seem like a reaction to this gossip, but it could also indicate something else. Signorini will explain the gossip about Janmaria Antinolfi and Belen Rodriguez In tonight’s episode? At this point, it would also be appropriate, so Gianmaria could discover that the name Pelin associated with her story had appeared and cleared everything up. Or emphasize, because in life you should never say never.

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