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Here are the shoes to choose this winter to look taller and more slender even without heels

Here are the shoes to choose this winter to look taller and more slender even without heels

The joys and sorrows of every woman, heels dazzle and make every outfit more feminine in one step. But be careful, because wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes is not enough to look prettier. To have a more visually proportional physique, you do not necessarily need to increase the height in centimeters. But what matters is the correct proportions.

Sure, wear the shoes With heels it will make our height grow. However, you don’t necessarily need to climb “stilts” to look skinny. There are some tricks that will allow us to make our legs look thinner.

Is this an example? Shape-bending detailing makes loafers extra comfortable for 20’s and 50’s.

Playing with clothes, fabrics and colors is also a good way to better shape our silhouette.

Always a perfect look

To create the perfect look, we often start with “basic” clothes that we almost all have in our wardrobe. These adorable pants, for example, look good on everyone thanks to these four simple combinations.

With these cool fall days, timeless shoes are back in fashion, with or without heels. A great shoe that protects you from bad weather practically and quickly.

There are many models of shoes proposed by the current fashion. Beware the purchases, though! In fact, not all shoes are suitable for strengthening our bodies.

So, here are the shoes to choose this winter to look taller and slimmer even without heels

From ankle boots, to Chelsea boots, to iconic moccasins, to knee-high boots, fashion offers many alternatives for this winter. Model shoes, with and without heels, that appeal to young women as well as older women.

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What models are really suitable for those who want to gain a few centimeters in height without sacrificing comfort?

Certainly, those who want to visually appear more proportional, tall and thin should avoid shoes that end at the ankle. Ankle boots, for example, can only be worn if they are the same color as the pants and without revealing the ankle. The beholder’s eye is fooled by the unique color between pants and shoes, instantly elongating the figure.

Women of about 160 cm should choose shoes that are just below the knee. Also, to make your legs look thinner, choose stiff and somewhat tight fabrics.

To completely avoid models of shoes that end in the middle of the leg. In this way, in fact, attention will be directed to the calf area, which is famous for being larger. Therefore, it is better to avoid them if you want to achieve a slimming effect. On the other hand, these shoes are recommended for those who have very thin legs and want to accentuate their figures.

Finally, people of small stature should avoid pointed shoes that appear to shorten the leg. Instead, he prefers shoes with thin and rounded ends. So, here are the shoes to choose this winter to look taller and slimmer even without heels.


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