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Solar-powered cars, a prototype that stands out above all |  When will we be able to drive it?

Solar-powered cars, a prototype that stands out above all | When will we be able to drive it?

The forbidden dream of having a solar-powered car has become a reality: research conducted by an important Dutch university has led to a car of this caliber on the road for the first time.

If heat engines are the past and Electric ones are present Solar energy could be the future, perhaps powered by panels like the ones many homes already install in their yards to recharge power systems. For now, there is some problems It must be solved before this technology is made usable for everyone, but many universities, companies, and independent companies are working on it day and night…

Cars, the future is solar panels! (Canvas) –

A country moving towards a solution These issues are problematic Which is basically about putting enough solar panels on a very small surface like the roof of a car in the Netherlands where many companies or universities are constantly experimenting to understand a system that would allow us to drive a car powered as quickly as possible by the sun.

We recently witnessed a demonstration of Well thought out car Directly from the University of Eindhoven, where a group of young researchers, taking advantage of the many technologies made available to them by the government and the temple authorities, managed to build a special crossover vehicle that moves almost exclusively on solar energy. Here are all the details.

Sun and stars!

The so-called Earth star is One of the first solar-powered cars Unprecedented: The vehicle, built in September by a group of students, researchers and renewable energy experts, is distinguished above all by its very special appearance, which is probably designed to expand the surface on which the panels can be installed. Vaguely reminiscent of the Model Y with some hints of the French 2CV, wouldn’t you agree too?

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General view of Earth's star
Presenting the Earth Star to a group of lucky visitors (X) –

The Car It seems to be working Seriously: it weighs a ton and two, and it rides Recharged batteries Directly from the solar panels installed on the car – you can see them well in the photo above anyway – which guarantee a range of up to 630 kilometers on a single charge, more than some electric cars currently on sale in our country…

there Earth star It is currently being tested as part of a larger project that includes several cars: The researchers are not limited to building a toy for the rich, since the car easily reaches 145 kilometers per hour and can travel off-road: Soon, the tests will be carried out in the Moroccan desert to understand the limits of the car and its strengths. Waiting for some important brands to seriously invest in this technology that is clearly ready to guide us into the future.