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Once the pension increases are confirmed, Meloni’s announcement arrives: Here’s how much they will be


There has been talk of increasing pensions for some time and Giorgia Meloni has decided: Here’s who will be increased and by how much in 2024.

The issue of pensions has always been one of the most debated and politically controversial. Especially in this period of great economic uncertainty, many are calling for increased pensions. Now, finally, After weeks, or rather months, of controversy, comes the announcement by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

Pension increase: Giorgia Meloni announcement – ​​(Photo: Ansa) – (

Today, more than ever, pensions are essential for the Italian economy, precisely because of the crisis our country is going through. Accelerating inflation that has eroded the purchasing power of Italians and is putting millions of families in difficulty with even the simplest expenses.

From electricity and gas bills, to the cost of fuel, with diesel and petrol costing around 2 euros or more per litre. Not to mention the increases in raw materials that have made shopping a nightmare. Our grandparents, who are obviously retired, have in recent months represented a form of family well-being, especially in certain areas. a Basic economic and financial support. Now, after months of debate on the issue of pension increases, the government, through Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, has made its clear line clear.

Pension increase: this is Giorgia Meloni’s announcement

The Italian Prime Minister recently confirmed that the budget includes support for medium and low pensions. So, good news for millions of Italians Budget Law 2024. But let us understand who are the beneficiaries of these increases, and above all, what is the size of the support announced by Meloni.

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By how much will pensions increase and who will participate – (

In 2023, we recorded an extraordinary increase in the minimum pension by applying an exceptional revaluation of 1.5%, increasing to 6.4% in the case of pensioners over 75 years of age. However, for 2024, the executive is considering action The only exceptional revaluation, which should be around 2.7%. There is no discrimination for those over 75 years old.

Figures in hand, the minimum pension should be around €615 for everyone, but many would like to go higher, with… The goal is to reach 700 euros. But as often happens, there is a lack of coverage. It is likely, therefore, that it will eventuallyamount Can walk around Between 670 and 680 euros.

However, with regard to Average pensions, it seems likely that Irpef’s first tranche will be merged with the secondAt a single rate of 23%, with the thirteenth tax exemption. It should be so Savings of 2% on income in the range of 15 to 28 thousand euros. Increases amounting to approximately 260 euros, according to estimates.


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