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So the Democrats are (secretly) cheering for de Mayo

So the Democrats are (secretly) cheering for de Mayo

Waiting for the M5S. B.D. Enrico Letta He opts for a lower profile and avoids taking a clear stand between two rivals, Luigi de Mayo and Giuseppe Conte.

“I did not comment, we will think after the ballot,” says A. Senator Alessandro Alfieri, coordinator of Pace Reformista. Giuseppe Conte It has completely changed within the coalition compared to the era of Nicola Zingaretti. Cofetro Pettini, the most loyal right-hand man of Lazio’s president, went so far as to speculate that Conte could lead the progressive sector. “That phase ended with the Letta Secretariat. We are in a different political era,” Alfie clarifies. .

“I appreciate the Foreign Minister’s pro – European and Atlantic stance. Andrea Marquez Conte is very reluctant to do so. “I hope the Five Star leader realizes that the broad field does not provide free access. There are minimum requirements that must be respected, and international politics is one of them,” the Tuscan senator ruled. Emilian sub Andrea de MariaHowever he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Lukashenko’s government. The results of Sunday’s municipal elections also tell us.

But Letaway referred to it as his lighthouse olive TreeThe center-left coalition that won the 1996 election, not the union, is remembered as a gathering of fighting parties that collapsed in a very short period of time, even among the left. “I’m tied to Prodigy’s idea of ​​the olive tree and his success in 1996: if he had a better idea of ​​the future, he would win center-left, not if he added another part of the puzzle.” Letta mentioned, speaking from Bologna and reassuring them: “I will not go in search of every puzzle, but I will put in the best ideas and energy to work for the better future of our country”. The idea shared by the senator Valeria Fedeli This, he heard ilGiornale.itHe explains that since the Democrats are the first Italian party, they have an obligation to put forward Atlantic and pro-Atlantic political proposals, but not only that. “The political proposal is structured in government action and what we have done so far,” Fedeli explains, adding that the Democrats intend to build on the work done in the PNRR during the Draghi government. Wide field “.”

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Instead of mediating between one thing and another, we start with the proposal, “Fedeli said:” It means talking to everyone, M5S Whether there is or not there is Italy Viva ”. But there are many within the Democrats who believe they are on the verge of splitting. The idea was to spread among the Democrats that at that time, Conte would stand alone, while de Mayo’s political program centered on the Democrats (read Renzi and Calenda) to form a coalition without any problems.