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Water levels have not dropped for 70 years

Water levels have not dropped for 70 years

According to Goldretty, a “dramatic” situation, practically halved by 2022, was marked by practically half the rain, with in some areas almost three months of prolonged lack of rain, restrictions on tanker use, rations and water gardens, and gardens.

“The whole country and all parts of Europe have not seen rain for months,” Patuvanelli underlined. The increase in energy “began in September, in the late summer when there was no wind in the north which led to lower energy production and this led to an increase in gas reserves.

Cows are “compressed” by heat, milk -10% –

Drought, Goldiretti warns, has led to a sharp decline in the productivity of agricultural crops on the peninsula, sometimes halving with a fall of up to 50%. But that’s not all: farm animals are also affected by the heat, where high-temperature cows produce up to 10% less milk due to stress. What is more worrying is that the lack of fodder due to lack of rain has reduced the yield by 1/3 in certain areas.

Confagricoltura: “Rice crops in danger without rain”

– Without rain and adequate measures, the Versailles paddy fields will be in danger “in the first week of July”. “Everything revolves around three factors: rainfall, water release from the hillsides and the exception to the minimum main flow of rivers. Unfortunately rice does not have a B plan,” said Benedetto Coppo, head of Confagricoltura Vercelli and Biella. . “About 74,000 hectares of land are cultivated in both regions, one-third of Italy’s total area, and only 70,000 hectares are found in the Versailles area.”

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Mass prayers for rain in Piacentino –

In Piacentino there are also those who believe in divinity to get some water from heaven. In the town of Rivercarro, located in the Lower Trebia Valley, a tributary of the Bowe Right, the city’s parish priest, Don Valerio Piccioni, dedicated a special purpose to showering every morning. The editor-in-chief explains that many ask him to pray for rain: “We say it in the mass of the week, practically every morning. Water is life. We also see risk.

“The next 15 days will be crucial to save the crops, so it is imperative that we be prepared to release as much water as possible, in line with the needs of the strategic hydropower sector.” Thus at the meeting with the department the Piedmontese Regional Councilor for the Environment, Matteo Marnati, to whom President Alberto Sirio handed over the water emergency schedule. “In the next few days – he added – we will gain knowledge of all the local initiatives in this field. To the operators, thanks to the sensitivity and willingness shown by the Regional Council,” he said.