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Single charger, US senators demand to take an example from Europe

Single charger, US senators demand to take an example from Europe

After lengthy negotiations, a historic agreement was reached Single charger for Apple in Europe. However, following this historic move by the Commission, the United States will begin to consider a similar path.

In fact, i Senators Edward J. Margie and Elizabeth Warren They asked an urgent question about the standardization of the charging interface for mobile devices, especially the environment, costs and programmability obsolescence. In that letter, “The European Union (EU) has enacted a key law requiring electronics manufacturers to use a single charger for mobile devices across the European Union. We congratulate the business community on the steps already taken to address these issues and invite you to follow the EU’s example in developing a comprehensive strategy to combat unnecessary costs to consumers, reduce e-waste and restore integrity and determination in purchasing new ones. Electronic devices“.

Progress and Innovation, Senators Explain, They should not come only at their own expenseBut above all for their benefit, without drowning them in the tools that fate is uncertain with each generation change.

In short, a real call to the American legislature A good route successfully completed on the old continentEven if the agreement goes into effect Unique charger in Europe from 2024.

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