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NìKola is coming, snow from Russia will hit Italy this time, date confirmed! Effects… »


Weather: Nicola is coming, snow from Russia will hit Italy this time, date confirmed! Consequences…

From Russia comes NìKola, a powerful nucleus of icy windsShe came there Confirmation Major computing centers have more than feared in the past few hours: a February will arrive Nikola, A front Snow gives that Russia It goes to the heart of the old continent and it probably has Direct consequences for Italy.
Now there is an exact date, which should be marked with a red circle on the calendar.

To understand what might happen, we must, as usual, broaden our view to the entire European chessboard, where the big atmospheric figures are moving. Well, by the end of the first decade of next month, a certain synoptic configuration has the potential to significantly disrupt the climate picture.
In fact, according to recent estimates, The Azores anticyclone can reach very high latitudes, touching Scandinavia.
This paradoxical movement of the anticyclonic bubble will set into motion Freezing air mass, Nicola, gives that Russia It will slide like that “wind river” Towards the Mediterranean Basin: Inevitably, the general atmospheric picture turns towards a cold, indeed, icy environment, as shown in the diagram below.Ice core, NìKola, from Russia to the Mediterranean basinIce core, NìKola, from Russia to the Mediterranean basinThe date to be marked in red on the calendar Tuesday, February 7: From there the cold north-easterly wind will gradually turn into high pressure and affect large parts of our country. A sharp drop in temperature. By analyzing the incoming freezing flow, we are talking about -10°C at an isobaric altitude of 850 hPa (about 1500 meters above sea level), whichThe most severe cold wave in recent years.
If this is to be confirmed, it is reasonable to expect a decidedly cold season Snow falls to very low altitudes: Obviously, it is necessary to wait a few more days for the details, given the long distance, above all to better understand where the low depressions caused by the entry of cold air may be positioned. Precipitation.

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