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Snow comes, and soon a heavy load up to a low altitude. We tell you where and the expected accumulations »

Weather: Snowfall, heavy load up to low altitude soon. We tell you where and the expected accumulations

The Alps are getting a lot of snowThe Gateway to the Atlantic Come back there too Name. This Announcements Festive Period Bridge and The Next week When a Lots of snow load Not seen for long, up to low altitude.

To better understand the situation, let’s examine the situationExpected Evolution, And where these anticipated accumulations fall in the winter.

Already in the course Sunday, October 31st A vast barometric depression pushed by Atlantic currents would break Italy and cause a lot of rain and thunderstorms. Thanks Temperature drop We expect the first snowfall up to 1800 meters in the Alps. But the The real surprise Will come and go in the course Next week, As more cold air enters from northern Europe, the freezing point will drop to lower altitudes. Snow is particularly visible up to about 1400 meters in the mountains of eastern Lombardy, Trentino alto Adiz, Veneto and Friuli Venice Giulia.

Not only that, but vice versa. The Real heavy load We look forward to it Between Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th A new hurricane filled with cold winds in November will create a new phase of bad weather. According to the latest updates, the scales should go down Height of 1000/1200 meters Especially in high Lombardy and all Ptolemy With snow whitening such places Livigno (So), Madonna of Campigilio (TN), Solitaire (BZ) e Cardina de Ampesso (BL) More throughout the day Thursday 4. At the end of the event, we expect fresh snowfall of about 5/10 cm above 1000 meters in major cities of the Middle Eastern Alps.

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Finally, in the central-northern Apennines, the white female is only found above 1800/1900 meters, whitening the main peaks.

Snowfall up to 1000/1200 mSnowfall up to 1000/1200 m