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Papua New Guinea’s Halloween Storm », after the Apollo hurricane over the weekend of Ponte de Ognisanti

Weather: POPPEA, Halloween Storm Comes After Hurricane APOLLO, OGNISSANTI Bridge Over the Weekend

Severe deterioration of the bridge over the weekend and HalloweenWe are in the fall and as expected the bad weather is home now! So let’s get ready for one Weekend And bridge HalloweenAll the monks In a decisive name Getting worse Cause Strong Rain And local Storms Between Sunday e Monday. After the University of Berlin came to terms with the Mediterranean hurricane MEDICANE that renamed it Apollo, now we have to deal with a new storm, POPPEA, which will invest all over Italy and turn into Halloween Denpesta!

So, let’s take a quick look at what our latest updates offer Official APP For this long bridge in late October and early November.

We obviously start from the day Saturday 30, Probably the least annoying of all. Despite the extreme areas South As Sicily Oriental and The Calabria Ionian will now have to deal with the infamous even more MedicineIn other parts of the country, the weather will be very calm during the first part of the day.

However, in the afternoon-evening, the first signs of something new will be felt Getting worse Starting from parts Northwest Threatening clouds will cause the first rain at the end of the day Val d’Aosta, Piedmont And some features Liguria.

This will be the forerunner of one Sunday 31 From Bad weather That hours would pass and all would be surrounded North, The Center Italy and two The main islands The events are distributed in a very irregular form and may not be particularly serious, but they are more prevalent only in the western part of the country from Piedmont to Sicily.

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Strange talk instead Monday, November 1st When Trouble It causes a real phase and becomes more intense Bad weather. In the morning, all eyes are on the areas Northwest Even though Rainfall They will mainly record high intensity in the second half of the attacking day North East And part Middle and lower Tyrrhenian. These sectors will receive higher rainfall and increase local risk Storms. The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets Veneto, The Friuli Venice Giulia And the Tyrrhenian area at the greatest risk will be less Lazio, The Campania And the Tyrrhenian beaches to the north Calabria.

However, between evening and night, the weather picture quickly improves as a precursor to a definite quiet Mars for all but the remaining disruptions. Sicily, Calabria and Buglia South.
But what time is it for the rest Next week, We advise you Click here.