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Smartphones have never been in such danger, and radiation has nothing to do with it this time: Italy is under attack

Smartphones have never been in such danger, and radiation has nothing to do with it this time: Italy is under attack

The world of fraud, unfortunately for citizens, is still more up to date than ever according to the current times.

In general, we know very well how specific fraudulent dynamics can significantly harm the daily lives of citizens. If we imagine reality The connection is now active 24 hours a day It is certainly not always impossible to assume new fraudulent scenarios.

This is how sensitive data on smartphones is affected –

In fact, certain phenomena, if we can call them that, are changing the perception that a user may have regarding the use of the same technology associated with and beyond smartphones. Specifically, this type of fraud takes advantage of certain situations.

Sim Swap Scam: How the Personal Information Scam Works in Detail

One of the current scams can be defined as Sim Swap, which is the latest idea of ​​criminals to obtain the personal information of the citizens themselves.

In short, we are talking about a series of operations carried out by the same fraudsters that do nothing but change, in some way, the status of the citizen with regard to registration for a potential SIM card. What will actually change is data messaging.

A SIM card registered to one person will suddenly hold sensitive data and information for a completely different person. By operating in this sense, bad guys are able to enter the smartphone context but with completely redundant privileges. The result is that they can obtain all possible and imaginable confidential information of the users concerned.

In the United States, for example, the problem is more serious than ever, and citizens, as a first countermeasure, are using their operator’s customer service to check whether, in fact, Your SIM has undergone some sort of change regarding the head etc.

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In any case Countermeasures can be printed As well as through the use of specific programs or specific channels, it tends to use multiple steps regarding security control. Increasingly increasing and bypassing the steps, so that they can then say that they are protected from any kind of potential fraud.

Obviously, one of the first recommendations given to users is to avoid publishing their sensitive data in any way; From this same logic, unpleasant misunderstandings can often arise. At this stage, safety should always be the first priority to be achieved. It could not be otherwise, considering the times.