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Sky Sport Tennis lights up at the start of Wimbledon

Sky Sport Tennis lights up at the start of Wimbledon

From tomorrow Monday 28th June, with Wimbledon underway, the new Sky Sport Tennis channel dedicated to tennis will be officially operational, with exceptional coverage of this new golden age sport, with young people. The blues aim for the top of the rankings.
And there could be no better occasion for the debut of Channel 205, which coincides with the kick-off of the world’s most famous and most important grass tennis event, the third Grand Slam of the season. At London’s All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, in fact, everything is ready to host the 134th edition of the London Championship, which will be broadcast in Italy live on Sky from tomorrow to Sunday 11 July, the day of the men’s final. The women’s match is scheduled for Saturday 10th.

The reference channel will be Sky Sport Tennis (205), which is also broadcast on NOW, with over 400 hours of live programming and full coverage of the Italians’ matches. In all, there will be 9 “dedicated” event channels:
• Sky Sport Tennis will be the guide channel for the tournament, with the most important matches and customized studies from 15.30 until the final study at the end of the day.
• Sky Sport Uno and Sky Sport Arena will be highly customized for Wimbledon, as they will not have to leave room for other live events
• 6 Sky Sport channels, 252 to 257, renamed for Wimbledon 1 (also broadcast in 4K HDR with Sky Q Satellite), Wimbledon 2, Wimbledon 3 etc., assigned to the main fields (Central Court, Field Number 1), Field No. 2, field No. 3, and two more that will be selected according to the program of the day).

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And this is not all, because thanks to the split screen, it will be possible to watch two matches simultaneously on the same screen, choosing from which channels the Wimbledon championship is broadcast. The split screen can be accessed from the green button of the Sky remote control for Sky Q Satellite customers. In addition, the tournament will also be covered by the top ten important matches of each day, available on request, again with Sky Q, in the section dedicated to Wimbledon.

The Sky “Tennis” team will consist of Elena Pirro, Luca Boschetto, Pietro Nicolodi, Paolo Aguimo, Paolo Ciaravano, Alessandro Lopi, Dario Massara, Antonio Nocera, Andrea Paventi, Nicolo Ramila, Lucio Rizzica, Nicola Ruggiero, Fabio Tavili and Federico. Zancan, in suspension, while the suspension will be alternating with Filippo Volandri, Paolo Bertolucci, Laura Golarsa, Raffaella Reggi, Stefano Pescosolido, Laura Garrone, Gianluca Pozzi and Marco Crugnola.

Moreover, every evening, at the end of the matches, on Sky Sport Tennis, an appointment with “Studio Wimbledon”, conducted by Eleonora Cottarelli, to report today’s matches, news, analysis, commentary, curiosities and more. Together with Filippo Folandri and with Stefano Melocaro and Paolo Lorenzi on call from London.

For a follow up to Wimbledon: Insider, entrusted to Stefano Milocaro, with Paolo Lorenzi, as he joins qualifying, tells behind-the-scenes of the London Championships from All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, as well as photos and exclusive interviews. “Wimbledon: The Insider” also on Sky Sport Uno at 11pm.