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“Separation, Oregon is very generous”

The desire for secession in the United States will never go away, especially after the last election Joe Biden Dominant Donald Trump (The former president still fails to admit today). There is a real rebellion in Oregon. In fact, seven districts want to secede from the state Joining neighboring Idaho is highly regarded according to their thinking and lifestyle.

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Goodbye Oregon – The seven districts that voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020 have spoken out in favor of leaving liberal Oregon “abandoned” and joining the conservative “Greater Idaho”. The epidemic has increased the impetus for secession in rural Oregon districts, but the chances of success of the initiative are slim. To allow goodbye, we need the green light from the Oregon authorities, all Democrats and especially Congress. For the United States, wanting to separate a state or part of it is nothing new: Northern New York has been tasting the idea for years, and in California it has always been an opportunity to split the state in two, with Texas backing the idea of ​​secession from the United States.

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