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Shocking video, a Spaniard suffocating at the hands of California police – the world

A shocking video clip revealed the killing of a Hispanic person in Alameda, California, in a manner similar to that which was killed by African American George Floyd, the day before him. The photos show a 26-year-old man, Mario Arenales Gonzales, who was arrested, immobilized, and face on the ground for about five minutes while one of the three officers pressed his chest despite groaning and begged ‘Please don’t do’ do it ‘(Please don’t that). Resuscitation attempts by the three agents were unsuccessful and were stopped.

Alameda policemen killed my brother: Said at a press conference, Gerardo Gonzalez, the brother of the 26-year-old who was suffocated by the police. The family’s attorney, Julia Sherwin, echoed the family’s attorney, Julia Sherwin, who accused the police of misleading her first report and comparing it to what happened in the Floyd case. Alameda Police initially reported that there was a “physical altercation” when the officers attempted to arrest Gonzalez and that “at that point the man received medical assistance”, and later died in hospital.

The police intervened after two reportsOne is about a man who seemed to remove safety labels from alcohol bottles, the other was about a man who was apparently “high” hanging out but did nothing wrong. The first agent tried to get to know Gonzalez, who was sitting quietly in a garden with two shopping baskets in a seemingly cluttered state. Seven minutes later, a second customer arrived. The two approach, bring an arm behind his back, and perhaps encounter slight resistance before the man gets stuck on the floor, continuing to ask him about his surname and date of birth. However, her response to the crying was suffocated by a fist that obstructed her breathing. She pleads in a low voice, “Please don’t do this.” The video shows a third policeman in Gonzalez’s legs. When one of the agents asked him if they should turn him over, another replied, “I don’t want to lose what I got.” A man only turns when he fainted. Resuscitation attempts are futile, even with Narcan, and overdoses are usually used. A spokesperson for the city of Alameda announced the names of the agents involved: Eric McKinley, Cameron Leahy, and James Fisher.

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