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Shakira and Gerard Pique, Love at the End of the Line: Escape Error

Shakira and Gerard Pique, Love at the End of the Line: Escape Error

The singer will part with the football player. Because he was going to face slander and you wouldn’t forgive him. But there is more

Shakira and Gerard Pique are really the toughest couple in Spain, even if they’re Colombian and he feels more Catalan than Spanish. Emotionally solid, financially solid. Now everything seems to be falling apart. – Photo | video

Very hot Shakira in Ibiza and boyfriend Gerard Pique can’t resist this side b… – a look

Caught and not forgiven – The scoop, picked up by several Spanish media, from a podcast – Mamarazzis – specialized in cotileosAs the Spaniards call gossip, it was founded by Laura Fa and Lorena Vasquez. According to the first, Pique would have allowed himself an adventure and Shakira would have discovered it. Hence the decision to separate the Colombian singer who is now involved in the program – dancing with myself – Which required her to travel several times to the United States.

Gerard Pique Player of the Year. But the star of the evening is that bastard of his son Milan – a look

Is scapolon – But betrayal would be just the tip of the iceberg. Mamarazzes argues that Pique has spent some time living as a bachelor in the bachelor’s apartment (on rue Montanerre) with other bachelors (such as young Barcelona teammate Riqui Puig). His night walks, in the best discos (bling bling, Patron) and in dense female company, were no longer counted. Then an agency pinched Pique at the door of the building where he lives (he goes) with his wife and two children Milan and Sasha. The Barcelona defender was filmed as the intercom was ringing and the Iberian press asked: “Why doesn’t he have the keys?”

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