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And so the entertainment world revolted against the "awakened" dictatorship.

And so the entertainment world revolted against the “awakened” dictatorship.

Big US companies are increasingly realizing that the slumber of the “vigilante” ideology is not worth it. Satisfying a small segment of a strongly ideological onlooker, with the fear that they will end up in the crosshairs of abolitionist culture and related boycotts, does not convince the silent majority of Americans who do not intend to drink progressive minority propaganda. condition Netflix It is code: “too awake” and “unwatchable” according to Elon Musk, who had outlined the streaming platform last April, when the stock fell 35.1% on the New York Stock Exchange due to the latest data released about the decline in subscriptions to the company’s streaming services, That’s 200,000 fewer units between January and March. Of course, the main problem is – above all – the emergence of increasingly fierce competition, from Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and even Apple TV, but the “all-around” titles certainly haven’t helped Netflix weather the (enough to think) turmoil Trojan’s resounding failure, the fall of a city”with the famous Black Achilles).

Netflix challenges ‘wake up’ ideology

And so the company decided to change its course, first defending the famous Dave Chappelle From accusations of “transphobia”, and then calling for employees to resign, if they did not like the new “editorial line” of the platform, which now wants to reward artistic freedom, against the injustice that has awakened. As already indicated Giornale.itIn fact, the streaming giant has urged its employees to leave the company if they are offended by the content Netflix is ​​producing. The company notes that entertaining the world is an “exceptional opportunity” and also a challenge because viewers have very different “tastes and perspectives.” Therefore, the broadcasting giant offers “a variety of TV shows and movies, some of which can be provocative,” the new section states. “To help users make informed decisions about what to watch, we offer easy-to-use ratings, content alerts, and parental controls.”

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Seeing Ted Sarandos in Defense of Freedom

The last one to end up questioning political correctness This is Ricky Gervaiswhich is in his program above Live on Netflix, he decided not to spare anyone his scathing sense of humor. Not even those minorities – transgender, gay, bisexual and transgender people – who feel untouchable and don’t recognize that a comedian can joke about it for any reason. Needless to say, Gervais’ jokes would be “transgender haters” and intolerant, when the only serious form of bigotry seems to be that of minorities. Also in this case Netflix He decided to defend the artist, which is a further transformation compared to the past. In an interview with The New York TimesCEO of Netflix, Ted Sarandos, said the comedians can only test the boundaries “by crossing the line now and then.” He then added, “I think it’s very important for American culture in general to ensure freedom of expression. We have products for many different people with different opinions, different tastes, and different styles. We want something for everyone, but not everything for everyone.”

The Netflix chief added that the decision to continue working with Chappelle was not a difficult one. “Dave, by the way, comedian of our generation, definitely the most famous comedian on Netflix,” he said enthusiastically. “No one will say what he is doing is not deep or clever. You can simply disagree with him.” A fundamental stand in defense of free speech, increasingly threatened by progressive frenzy, is that of books sent to the stake, statues vandalized and thrown away, on the inclusiveness of abolition culture. “If we censor in the United States, how will we defend our content in the Middle East?” Indeed Sarandos wonders. A question about freedom of expression and speech because, as Andrea Indini wrote, IlGiornale.itDefending comedians today, like Dave Chappelle or Ricky GervaisIt means defending our freedom tomorrow.

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