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Lory Del Santo vs Carmen Di Pietro, Dispute at L'Isola / "The fast for these influencers..."

Lory Del Santo vs Carmen Di Pietro, Dispute at L’Isola / “The fast for these influencers…”

Disciplinary action divides group at L’Isola dei Famosi 2022

The disciplinary action that has been extended through the production of The Island of the Famous 2022 to the entire cast of rival castaways unleashes public indignation. punishment It stipulates the impossibility of using fire, which is indispensable in Honduras for cooking, since the outcasts are already living in distress. This is due to the non-compliance shown by three outcasts to the rules of the Honduran game. The violation, which has now become the subject of heated debates and controversies both within and outside the televised context of the 2022 celebrity island, occurred in the last live broadcast of the reality show, at the end of the show. reward proof drowning defeats Maria Laura de Vitesse, Estefania Bernal and Carmen de Petro They took advantage of the food rations given to them by some members of the rival group, because they were hungry.

Among those who fed the lost outcasts there is also Luca Davry, who lost the title of leader as a punishment. “Here both those who ate and those who put pizza in their pockets are guilty. Nobody offered me anything… I didn’t even know they had eaten. Today I am completely fasting, thanks to these great altruists!‘, Said Laurie del Santo who complained to the cameras about the case that Carmen Di Pietro is the protagonist among the other outcasts.

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Nicholas Vaporidis, clash with Lori del Santo and Nick Luciani

Despite the error, most of the group understood the gesture Luca DavryAnd the But the situation displeases Laurie and Nick. “Think if you’ve done that…”, She says del Santo, convinced that had she been responsible, a storm would have broken out against her. Nick Luciani finds himself in a deal with Del Santo, while the paper winner in the game according to betting odds in the grand final of the famous The Island of the 2022 bookmaker has a completely different opinion, Nicholas Vaporidis:

“I don’t feel sorry at all, I spent the food proudly, they were terribly hungry and we take this punishment with honor”. She had an echo Eduardo Tavasi, Which infringement is considered a gesture of “humanity”. Luca Davry also does not regret giving the food reward to his comrades, although he lost the title of leader of the group after violating the regulation. But the group has now split into two opposing factions and Carmen Di Pietro breaks down in tears. Nick Luciani, in fact, supports the position of Lori del Santo and Eduardo Tavasi Wand: “You do this form of humanity differently, you give him your share of rice….”

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