Sunday, July 21, 2024

Severe thunderstorms, large hail and even a tornado! Situation and evolution »


Thunderstorms and hail will return in the next few hours

During these hours, the weather has returned to throw a fury in our northern regions with violent storms, hail events (even of large dimensions) and even a tornado in the province of Milan.

Update 20:30 – New strong thunderstorms are developing between Piedmont and Lombardy, but this time in a more isolated form.

Update 2.30 pm – After hitting Lombardy, violent storms have now reached the Veneto, where a possible supercell has also been reported between Padua and Rovigo.

Update 13:00 – At 11 a.m. a tornado hit the east-northeast of Milan; This video must have been shot in Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI).

Update 12:00 – Violent thunderstorms. Bergamo is now stormy

Update 11:00 – During these hours heavy thunderstorms will occur from Piedmont towards Lombardy. Heavy hail was also reported near Milan.

General situation
The African high pressure is losing some energy along its northern edge, and further north, the atmosphere has shown signs of impatience in recent days, with heavy thunderstorms and Strong hail, even of large dimensions, which unfortunately caused a lot of damage and numerous injuries.
Conversely, the weather continues to be calm in the rest of the country, where sub-Saharan Africa is resistant to typhoons and still distributes plenty of sun. Heat.

Next Hour Evolution: Here are the times
A repeat of unsettled conditions across much of the north will make the weekend’s eve more conditional.
The busiest phase of the weather front occurred in the morning Rain and thunderstorms will hit more clearly Much of the Po Valley Even extreme events. The situation will improve during the period, but some new thunderstorms cannot be excluded, of a scattered nature between Piedmont, Lombardy and Veneto, but strong intensity especially in the Alpine and pre-Alpine areas and local flat extensions.

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However, we would like to underline how sometimes the situation is very likely for storm activity, therefore accompanied by wind, storms and above all large hail events: in short, more energy, more storm potential.

Little news elsewhere
before the rest of the country Weekend dOn the contrary, it runs under the sign of almost total stability, but above all more heat With mercury columns, our climate will be at values ​​even higher than standard.

Follow the next updates throughout the day for more details.


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