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Two meters of snow in Rimini, Apennines. When a woman goes missing, efforts are made to save her 50 cats and dogs

Rimini, 24 January 2023 – A 70-year-old woman who went missing yesterday in the municipality of Rimini has not yet been found. MontegobioloOn top of thatApennines In the province RiminiArea affected by forts snowfall Sunday and yesterday, they provoked difficulty, Like interruption of electricity and telephone networks.

He lived above the lady 50 between dogs and cats. The animals are still at home and the veterinary service has been activated to rescue them.

Snow in Montecopiolo, Rimini Apennines

Snow plows arrived at a village woman’s house yesterday evening during street cleaning work, but she was not found at home. For your searches, The Alpine Rescue.

Searches, after the house, extended to the neighborhood and were found Car 70 years old, but still no trace of her. A single woman living in this isolated area with several pets, the mayor of Montegopiolo set out to find her. Peter Rossi, Driving on your own snow cat

Snowy Nightmare

In Wallamarechia The dream of ‘Neon’ is back. Eleven days after the terrible winter of 2012, which left families stranded for days and businesses destroyed, the area is once again buried in snow. Some places have fallen Almost 2 meters. Thousands of families are without electricity.

The blackout They were caused by downed power poles and ice damage to power systems. There are isolated people, others have fled their homes and taken refuge in convents or with family members on the beach.

“Now the situation is under control – assures the Municipal Councilor for Agriculture of the Municipality of San Leo Valentina Guerra – Snow plows always worked day and night, but heavy snow caused damage to plants, hence the power outage. Everyone is doing their best,” he said.

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