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Kosovo-Serbia conflict, Washington mediates settlement


The international community believes that Serbia and Kosovo The current crisis in the region may be resolved soon, especially after the meeting held last Friday Representatives from the European Union and the United States. Washington says it is willing to provide economic and diplomatic support to Belgrade, including in its dispute with Pristina, on the condition that Serbia cooperates more with the West on the conflict in Ukraine and moves away from Moscow’s positions.

According to the US Special Envoy Gabriel Escobar “Serbia has an important choice, and if it wants to, it can make that known with sanctions against Russia. “Based on what’s happening in Ukraine, it should impose restrictive measures that everyone in Europe should. Serbia has a choice to make, even if it is not ideal given that the country is far from European standards at the moment. “

Belgrade’s cooperation with the West in the Ukrainian crisis may make it easier for Washington and Brussels to demand that Kosovo take positive steps regarding the rights of Serbs living in northern Kosovo. On this, Washington’s message to the EU is clear. “What we want to see is that Brussels commits to enlargement in the Western Balkans and member states are fully on track to integrate with the Union in a reasonable period, not twenty years, but very soon,” Escobar added.

According to mediators, one of the measures for progressive integration is the introduction of common license plates in the Western Balkans.

Meeting in Pristina

The European Union and the United States are working together to defuse the crisis between Serbia and Kosovo, which is now at its most advanced.

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Western diplomats met with Kosovar Prime Minister Albin Kurdi in Pristina to discuss a proposal to normalize relations that was put forward weeks ago.

At the end of the meeting, the EU Ambassador reviewed the situation. “That means – says EU Ambassador Miroslav Lajcak – at this stage we expect a better understanding of the opportunities this proposal offers.

I hope we fully understand and exploit its potential: we will continue to implement it, thank you.”

  1. the other side

After the meeting, delegates traveled to Belgrade in an attempt to push Serbia toward reconciliation as well.

Kosovo’s north, home to a large Serb community and has been at odds with Pristina since it declared independence in 2008, unrecognized by Belgrade.

Tensions rose late last year when Kosovo Serbs erected barricades to protest the arrest of a former policeman.

there Kosovo Force International peacekeeping force (KFOR) has started setting up checkpoints.


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