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Serie A Pescara Gubbio, many goals (in euros), many emotions and three points (3-2)

Serie A Pescara Gubbio, many goals (in euros), many emotions and three points (3-2)

Serie C Pescara Gubbio, lots of emotions in the Adriatic. Biancazzori takes the lead with Tugov and then 20 minutes of darkness and Gubbio wins. Squizzato and Moruzzi take care of it with two Eurogoals for success. SPAL is in Ferrara on Sunday.

A whirlwind of emotions and many goals against the Adriatic. The match ended 3-2 for Pescara, who turned the score around in the final with two Euro goals scored by Squisato and Morozzi. A positive first half for Pescara and a goal from Tugov with a shot from the edge. The blue and white team was in a good position on the pitch and the Umbria team were not dangerous at all. Everything changes at the beginning of the second half: Pescara closes down (and does not know how to do it) and gives the field to Gubbio, who equalizes with Udoh’s good performance to move away from the edge of offside and mock Pellizzari. Squizzato’s mistake and this time it is Di Massimo who is alone with the goal. The joke was around the corner, but Pescara got going again and scored twice in the Europa League. First a Squizzato from 30 metres, then in the 45th minute, Moruzzi corked the champagne with a completely white and blue label. Big celebration after the final whistle, Pescara is 13 but still has a game to recover. And on Sunday there is SPAL in Ferrara.


Brando Morozzi scored the goal in the 45th minute, a strong and luxurious match. Well done to Zeman for trusting him

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GIGI CUPPONE The good GIGI is going down. Imoegno was not discussed but has less impact than it had in the first few weeks.

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