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Sardinia’s economy stalls and grows by less than 1% in 2023

Sardinia’s economy stalls and grows by less than 1% in 2023

Sardinia’s economy ground to a halt. According to the economic update on the island’s economy, presented by the Bank of Italy this morning in Cagliari, Growth in 2023 was less than 1%This is a number below the national average and much lower than last year.

“We did not expect great results,” comments Stefano Barra, Cagliari office director, “but we are in a position The general slowdown in consumption, investments are also characterized by maximum caution».

To make the situation worse, the inflation rate stands at 5.8%, exacerbating the gap with the peninsula: “Growth has weakened in all sectors of production,” adds Parra. “It affects services – The trend of household spending on consumption».

direction from tourismWhich shows a growth in the number of arrivals to the ports of Sardinia, while the transport sector Buildings This shows a dual aspect: private spending decreases due to lack of incentives, while public sector spending increases.

Occupation It rises by 0.9%, less than what was achieved in 2022, but it is the seasonal tourism contracts that have an impact above all. “It is very difficult to venture predictions in a scenario like this,” Barra concludes, “certainly in the first period.” In the months of 2024, we cannot expect a major change.”

The context in which The total resources allocated to Sardinia for the Pnrr project and associated investments (Pnc) amount to €4.3 billionfor an amount per person of 2,735 euros, which is higher than the Italian average of 2,064 euros.

After amending the plan by the government, 446 million euros have so far been allocated to interventions under the responsibility of local administrations subject to the proposed amendments (3.6% of the total eligible at the national level).”

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According to the Bank of Italy’s analysis, until June, the administrations announced measures to allocate an amount estimated at about $1 billion for projects that will be implemented on the island. Approximately 28 percent of the amounts for which bidding is required.


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