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Salernitana, Nicola official. Pictures of his arrival in the city….

17.10 – After signing the contract and the official start of the new adventure with SalernoHe appears Some details of the agreement Between the Campania club and the coach. to Nicola Some bonuses related to the number of wins obtained from now until the end of the tournament will be activated, and the coach will also receive Rich reward if he succeeds in conquering salvation. Moreover, in the event of permanence in Serie A, Nicola will have the possibility (the choice in his favor is in the contract) To be able to stay for another season on top of Salernitana. Simon Barron has also been confirmed as a member of his crew.


15.28 – Nicola, who arrived in just these minutes at the Salernitana Sports Center, was preceded by DS Sabatini.

15.25 – Only the official was missing, it has now arrived as well. Davide Nicola is the new coach of Salernitana And on Saturday evening in Arechi against Milan he will appear for the first time on the bench in the Campania club. The American Salernitana 1919 announced that it had reached an agreement with Mr. Davide Nicola and entrusted him with the technical guide for the first team.”, reads the official note published by Salernitana.

14:13 The former midfielder will be on Nicolas’ staff Simon Barron World champion with the Italian national team in the 2006 World Cup.

after a decision Stefano Colantono exemptedthe Salerno He has chosen his next coach: He will be David Nicola. During the night, the two sides reached an understanding and the coach – who had stopped after last season’s experience in Turin – arrived in Naples before 12 (watch the video above) and is now heading towards Salerno.

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She chose Nicola Salernitana

So the club decided to focus on Nicolas for the position of Colantono, despite the fact that some contacts have also started with Andrea Pirlo. The ex-Juventus coach did not reject Salernitana’s advance, but it was the club that favored Nicola for one specific reason: if Pirlo was in fact a wide-ranging and longer-range option (with a long-term contract that was due to expire. Forward regardless of category), he would represent Nicola instead. So logical for direct present: He who was already the creator of the file miraculous salvation With Crotone during the 2016/2017 season, today he is called to try to carry out the same mission with Salernitana.

Nicola numbers

After the unexpected redemption with Crotone, Nicola sat on the bench at Udinese and Genoa, respectively in the 2018/19 and 2019/2020 season. It was the last rescue on the bench TurinHe was called up in January 2021 to replace Marco Giampaolo. With grenades he got 24 points, and took 17th place.


Colantuono Exemption Press Release

Below is the official note from Salernitana, which she reported to have done Stefano Colantono was acquitted: The American Salernitana 1919 team announced that it had relieved Mr. Stefano Colantono from the position of coach of the first team with the second coach, Gianfranco Cinello and match analyst Sandro Antonini. out of luck professional.”