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Racial insults to Alibigovic, Edelnol "strongly condemns and condemns the incident."

Racial insults to Alibigovic, Edelnol “strongly condemns and condemns the incident.”

The Federbasket sports judge was not kind to the Balkanstro Biella fans: the foul chants against Mirza Alibegovic during Sunday’s derby cost 2,200 euros in fine. They lasted too long to be recorded in the referees’ scores, and they contained the word “gypsy”, an aggravating circumstance of the penalty established by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIP). The reasons for the disciplinary action explain this well, which speaks of “mass and repeated crimes and threats, even with an ethnic background, against a well-known card holder.” Alibegovic, born in the United States with a dual American and Italian passport, is the son of Tioman, a player and coach between Bologna, Trieste and Udine. In Turin since 2019, from the team’s birth in A2, he has been captain of the team since this season.

Balacanstro Biella, shortly after the decisions of the sports referee, in turn wrote a statement to apologize to the player who ended up in the crossfire and berated by his fans. The club “strongly condemns and condemns what happened, and has distanced itself from crimes with racist content that have nothing to do with the culture of inclusion and the notion of sportsmanship that has always characterized the history of the company and its public in general. Hoping not to repeat similar situations, we offer our sincerest apologies to the cardholder who is the subject of the condemned episodes. “.