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Sabrina Ferelli, on the table she can’t do without: what to eat to stay fit at 59

Sabrina Ferelli, on the table she can’t do without: what to eat to stay fit at 59

Sabrina Verily Evod

Sabrina Ferelli is the secret of her perfect figure at the age of 59. The food he can never say no to.

Beautiful, beautiful and talented The physique is nothing short of amazing. This is how you can describe what’s great, and also for good reason Sabrina Verily.

For her, there is no need to deny it, because time has stopped more than 20 years since today He has nothing to envy a 35-year-old. she is It clicked hard On the Internet and his official Instagram profile is very popular.

Here you like Involved In a very generous way with his many fans, moments related to his professional and private life. They are not even missing famous behind the scenes So are the stolen moments of relaxation, travel and vacations vacation.

He is now cheering us on, waiting to return A formidable protagonist on the small screen, With many shots in a bathing suit, bikini especially. made up and shaggy, with Crazy physique It’s the real Serena that charms anyone. But in other pictures he appeared real diva immediately prior to making the recordings 2CQ Vallis.

Sabrina Ferelli revealed the secret of her amazing body

here Great actress and talented Romanian TV presenter He’s played a role for years I swear. In addition, he said that he suffers from Giovannino’s strong jokes red dwarf. It really combines all the colors and it seems that behind some of the graphics there is also a hand Maria de Felipea great friend of Sabrina.

sections Related topics are easily shared on various social platforms in no time at all diffuse. Even in the best Saturday night program on Canale 5, Verelli stands out Her stunning beauty and physiques. But how does he keep himself at fifty-nine like this? And his secret was revealed.

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Verelli's food secret
Sabrina Verily Evod

No diet but a lot of exercise

The artist never hid His great love for cooking and good food. And there is absolutely no need to give up. So how does it stay? Very beautiful and top notch? Definitely not a girl who likes to sit and He plays a lot of sports. Furthermore it He goes to the gym 4 times a week.

And that seems to be enough to keep it that way. more than her He has never followed a real diet in his life or impose deprivation on oneself. Briefly, Eat and drink whatever you want. Maybe she’ll be careful about portions and it’ll be a lot Good in balance foods And various meals. At any rate it appears his wayAt least for her, it works great!