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Russian fighters arrive in Iran

Russian fighters arrive in Iran

to'Iran will receive the first batch of the latest generation of Russian Sukhoi SU-35 fighters in the next few days. Iranian media reported this. According to the website of Etemad newspaper, Iran purchased the fighter jets in November. No further details were revealed, but according to unofficial reports This will be a total of 24 new fighter aircraft.

On April 17, Iran threatened to respond with a “strong and violent” response to the slightest act of aggression carried out by Israel on its territory. It was President Ebrahim Raisi who announced this, while there is still no news about the timing and scale of the response that the Jewish state will implement to the Iranian attack. Immediately afterwards, the Commander of the Iranian Air Force, General Hamid Vahidi, confirmed that the country was ready to strike targets, especially with other Russian aircraft, the Sukhoi Su-24. According to data reported by the Islamic Republic of Iran News Agency, not only Russian-made hypersonic tactical bombers are ready, but also other fighters. Now, then, the news regarding the SU-35 aircraft.

The Israeli missile that evades radar systems

But the matter is not limited to Iranian weapons. In fact, according to what the New York Times reported, citing two Western sources, one of the missiles that Israel launched two days ago against the air defenses of the Natanz nuclear site carried advanced technology to evade Iranian radar systems. Two sources in the country confirmed to the American newspaper at the time that they had not discovered any intrusions into their airspace by drones, missiles, or aircraft.

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According to the American newspaper, the fighter jet from which the missile was launched was “far from Israeli and Iranian airspace” and did not even enter Jordanian airspace, in a calculated move to distance Amman from any possible retaliation, despite its participation in defensive action. Against the Iranian attack on Israel a week ago.

The New York Times wrote that “Israel's use of drones launched from inside Iranian territory and the launch of an undetectable missile are intended to serve as a preview for Tehran of what could be a larger, widespread attack.” The newspaper confirmed that Friday's attack “was intended to make Iran think twice before launching a direct attack against Israel in the future.”

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