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Ronaldo involved in a legal battle for a famous restaurant: what happened?

Cristiano Ronaldo He now lives permanently in Saudi Arabia and prepares to Coming engagements with his teamL’to me Victorybut she did not break off relations withEurope. in Englandfor example, there is still one of his favorite restaurants, Wilmslow foodwhich are located in the outskirts Manchester Along with that Food Hill It collected 4.8 million euros.

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VIP customer names have been abused

But these are not good times for this establishment, as it is embroiled in a legal battle with three restaurants and four of their managers for using his name without his consent. Manchester foodAnd Liverpool Road Food And Great northern food. The other three venues boast having celebrity like guests among their guests Ronaldo (behind – on the other side Sir Alex FergusonAnd Ryan GiggsAnd Patrice EvraAnd Mohamed SalahAnd Allison Becker And Darwin Nunez), But Wilmslow food He denies and so the name of the Portuguese hero ended up in the trial papers. plaintiffs’ clientsWilmslow food) includes a variety of notable people and celebrities from all over the UK – He reads court papers – Many of them are also known all over the world. The plaintiffs have suffered and continue to suffer losses and damages.”

Messi in front of Ronaldo, the last dance in Riyadh?

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Messi in front of Ronaldo last dance in Riyadh?

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