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Rome, Via Fratina: Dog falls from third floor and injures pregnant passerby’s head.  “We asked for a shot.”

Rome, Via Fratina: Dog falls from third floor and injures pregnant passerby’s head. “We asked for a shot.”

OffRinaldo Frignani

The Rottweiler died and the 28-year-old was hospitalized under code red. The owner was shocked. Some witnesses speak of gunshots in the house, others the sound of animals on the shot floor

Friday morning’s mysterious episode Via Frattina, at number 100 in the centre. A 28-year-old woman pregnantwas overflowed from a Rottweiler dog when He was walking: According to an initial reconstruction, the animal fell from a window on the third floor of a building and hit a passerby.

A 28-year-old pregnant woman suffered a head injury

The young woman immediately recovered and was transported by ambulance in code red to the polyclinic Umberto I. It won’t be inside though serious conditionsBut that’s a preface injury at the head And a suspect Head trauma. Police reached the spot and are investigating the incident. According to witnesses, the animal, which fell from a height of about 10 meters, made a gunshot-like sound when it hit the ground: “a shot like a gunshot was heard”, reported by some passers-by. But others also reported hearing shots coming from the house before the animal fell to the ground.

The dog chased the house cats

When the Carabinieri in charge of the investigation arrived, a large crowd formed in the street Small group People around the dog’s corpse and its owner, one girl A resident of the apartment on the third floor below shocked And disbelief at what happened. The young woman was interviewed by police investigators who intervened with the survey unit to carry out a series of checks. Among the hypotheses, given that there are some at home CatsThe Rottweiler may have fallen trying to reach one of the cats he was with ascended On top of that Window. However, at that moment, a twenty-year-old pregnant woman passed by and he lost his balance and fell down.

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