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Prime Minister’s announcement on Facebook about tax authorities seizure of Georgia Meloni’s current accounts

Prime Minister’s announcement on Facebook about tax authorities seizure of Georgia Meloni’s current accounts

The Tax I will not continue Confiscation By direct access Current accounts Citizens. Prime Minister Georgia MeloneyAn intervention on that day FacebookClearing the rumors that have been circulating on the matter for the past few hours.

Melony’s announcement on Facebook

“Current accounts will not be raided.” as Matteo Salvini, Club President. Palazzo Sigi clarified that this is only an upgrade of existing digital tools and “does not have direct access to current accounts”.Revenue Agency to recover unpaid taxes”.

On the evening of Thursday, October 26, the Prime Minister personally intervened in the issue through his social media profiles: “Notice to sailors: there is no provision in the budget law that allows the Revenue Agency direct access to the current accounts of Italians. Return unpaid taxes. I do not chase hearsay or unofficial documents. Advise you.”

League battle for pensions

there Manipulation It will reach Parliament between Friday and Saturday. There is tension between the major powers. Too far on some hot topics. Among all the episodes Pension and flat rate tax on short-term rentals.

Recently released drafts are not particularly favored by the league.

To turn karaoke up its nose Provision 104. One of the hypotheses is to maintain the 103 quota, but with contribution recalculation.

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“The goal is to defeat the Fornero Act,” declared the Northern League deputy secretary Andrea Crippa.

“A step has to be taken, so already in this budget law the center-right should show that pensions are going in the direction they said during the election campaign,” Krippa added.

Taxes on Forza Italia and Flat Rate Coupons

Further Forza Italia He does not stand at the window and look. Antonio Tajani Committed to increasing the flat rate for short-term rentals.

Also Giorgio Mule He recalled that “Forza Italia was historically against the increase of tax pressure” and therefore, “reading the maneuver in its concrete version, it was necessary to intervene in the legislation in advance”.

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