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Robbery at a villa in Santa Maria delle Grazie: 100 thousand euros

Maxi robbery at a villa in Arezzo on the hill of Santa Maria delle Grazie. The attack took place yesterday evening, January 6, 2023, around 8.30 pm. There were three people inside the house, including two wives. According to the reconstruction of the Carabinieri of the Arezzo command, which carries out the investigations, there would have been three criminals who were able to enter the villa: they would have exploited the open entrance. According to the evidence gathered, all of them had their faces covered and were wearing gloves to avoid fingerprints. They did not show their weapons to the bystanders, but threatened them, explaining that nothing bad would have happened if the patrons had shown themselves cooperative. They asked for safe opening. The trio then ran away with loot. The incident took place after one and a half months Big booty at Diamond import Via Marco Perennio, and three weeks after the robbery, and in that circumstance from considerable robbery, occurred At the Sansepolcro residence of the Honorary President of Confartigianato Ferrer Vannetti.

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