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Brunetta’s wife Renzi sentenced to restitution for defamation: 2016 tweet on crosshairs

The Civil Court of Florence decided: Thomas Ottaviani GiovanniniOr the wife of a former minister Renato Brunettato compensate Matthew Renzi with an amount 20 thousand euros for gross defamation. His tweet on April 7, 2016 contained the reason under the misrepresentation. The post had a photograph of the then Minister of Infrastructure Graziano Delrio With Renzi and the ministers Luke Lotti And Maria Elena BoschiWith the caption: «I have photos of Delrio with gangs». The author of the tweet is a named user Beatrice DeMaio: invented name, behind which Giovannini was hidden. According to the court, the post with the photo of the former prime minister “takes on the character of unduly demeaning him in the face of public opinion. According to the judge, the three politicians in the photo were defined as “mafiosi”. Susanna Junta, “the absence of the element of truth and continence well establishes a claim for damages”, given that “there is no element of fact” that could justify the allegation. According to the court, the offending tweet “represents an unwarranted offense beyond both political criticism and political satire, which, as the defendant says, presents an actual fact which has since been distorted”. The Italia Viva president asked, according to reports Tyrrhenian SeaHalf a million euros in damages.

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