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Retired at 70 for those who are state employees, the news of the alarm went off

Retired at 70 for those who are state employees, the news of the alarm went off

Retire at 70 For those who are civil servants. Otherwise, the social security system would collapse. The alarm was sounded not in Italy, a country that is by no means struggling with an aging population, but in the United Kingdom. Through a study that deals with the issue of social security in the country he is currently leading Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The call to retire at the age of seventy for state workers comes from faraway places. But anyway, it highlights that living more is lucky for everyone. But not for social security systems in most industrialized countries. called by a To cover their expenses in the public interest In the medium and long term.

On the other hand, ensuring an exit from work and a decent pension. In this regard, reports it is not surprising that people in the UK are currently spending More than 100 billion pounds General only for the basic pension of the state.

Retired at 70 For those who are state employees, the alarm was sounded with study from abroad

However, in our country, the scenario of retirement at the age of seventy for state workers is still far away. Since the registration requirements for old age pension He is currently 67 years old.

And it rises to 71, with the contributory old-age pension, only when the condition of contributory seniority is missing at the age of 67. That is, at least 20 years of Social Security contributions Mandatory payment.

Other than 70 years in Italy, 58 years may be enough to retire

In addition, even now, in Italy, people at the age of 70 do not retire in relation to those who are employed in the state. But very early on, we also thank you and above all for the early retirement measures.

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Just think, for example, of the woman who gets paid Woman’s choice 2022 can currently retire from work a 58 years. With 35 years of compulsory Social Security contributions paid.