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Remuneration for a certified psychologist to extend it to those who live in these areas |  How do you order it

Remuneration for a certified psychologist to extend it to those who live in these areas | How do you order it


The extension of the psychologist bonus predicted by the last gambit also arrives until 2023. Here is the complete guide with all the details.

Psychiatrist remuneration is a procedure through which the government undertakes to contribute to the expenses incurred by people in the case of anxiety, stress and depression for pursuing a course of psychotherapy. The contribution, made in the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic, has now been extended to 2023.

Specifically, the psychologist’s remuneration stipulated a contribution of €50 per psychotherapy session, up to a maximum of €1,500, now reduced to €600, based on the ISEE chip. In fact, the benefits were only recognized for citizens with an ISEE of less than €50,000. In other words, the contribution was only recognized for people who needed psychological assistance, however, they could not access it due to the costs involved.

Recently, with the letter July 6, 2023, N. 2530 The National Institute of Statistics drafted the extension of the conditions for the use of the contribution in areas affected by flood phenomena, specified in Annex 1 of Decree-Law 61/2023. Let’s explain the actual performance characteristics.

Psychology Award 2023: Who gets it

Contribution can be requested by all citizens of flooded areas, however, since allocated resources are limited, preference will be given to citizens who not only require psychotherapy but also fall within specific income criteria. Specifically, it is necessary to have an ISEE of less than 50 thousand euros.

The recognized contribution is a maximum of 600 euros, and is a one-off. To receive the reward it is necessary to submit a dedicated application, directly on the INPS portal and by clicking on the “Psychotherapy session contribution” section. At this point, simply authenticate via SPID Digital Identity, CIE (Electronic Identity Card) or CNS (National Services Card) and follow the instructions. Alternatively, a request to access the service can also be submitted by phone, via the INPS call center at the toll-free number 803164 for those calling from a land line, or at the paid number 06164164 for mobile networks.

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Therefore, residents of areas affected by the May floods will be able to apply from 5 to 19 July 2023. The service is also available for psychotherapy sessions already completed from 8 June 2023 to 31 August 2023, provided that the psychotherapy office has declared its desire to Participate in the initiative. However, the procedure will still be available for psychotherapists to enter billing data for confirmed sessions until September 15, 2023.