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“Red Bull is illegal, the penalty is not enough. With those 2 million in 2021…” – OA Sport

“Red Bull is illegal, the penalty is not enough. With those 2 million in 2021…” – OA Sport

It was a very complicated qualifying session in Mexico for Ferrari. On the Central American circuit, home of the third-to-last round of 2022 F1 World ChampionshipSpanish Carlos Sainz and Monaco Charles Leclerc They ranked fifth and seventh, respectively. Performance resulting from a very nervous and difficult to drive car. The first place went to the winner of this year’s championship, Max VerstappenThat preceded my British Mercedes George Russell and Lewis Hamilton.

So a complicated race looms for Red, even if he’s the team manager Mattia Binottoin the interview with Sky Sports, expects something good: “In Mexico, we knew it was going to be difficult, and our choice of loading from an aerodynamic standpoint was based on better tire management. Hopefully we can do better in the race and thus catch up“.

Speaking to Mara Sangiorgio, Leclerc complained about some technical problems at the engine level and Binotto confirmed: “There was damage to Charles’ car DRS, but we need to check. Unfortunately, the potential of the car did not come out today, but we think we can do it in the race“.

Formula 1, Mexican 2022. Max Verstappen on pole in front of the two Mercedes cars. Bad Ferrari (Sainz V, Leclerc VII)

The Prancing Horse manager also ruled in the budget cap case Which ended with a plea bargain with Red Bull. The Milton Keynes team will pay a fine of 7 million and hours will be reduced by 10% in the wind tunnel: “I’ve already talked about it and I’ve already said that controlling expenses is critical to the fate of the tournament. Red Bull, in fact, was judged illegal, having crossed the two million mark as expected. They are a few tenths a lap which is a huge advantage for the 2021 championship. The penalty against them is also not enough because they will be able to invest their resources in another way without a major handicap. Is Horner talking about losing half a second in performance? He must bring water to his own mill“.

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Photo: LiveMedia / Florent Gooden / Dppi / DPPI