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Ragusa non sa più vincere, al PalaMinardi passa San Martino ed è crisi biancoverde

Ragusa no longer knows how to win, San Martino passes PalaMinardi and it’s a green and white crunch – BlogSicilia

Slow start, comeback, overtake, rebound and defeat. Ragusa loses again, for the fourth consecutive game, a crisis. in PalaMinardi San Martino di Lubari 72-80 passes in the sixth first leg of the tournament A1 . series Women’s basketball.

This is one of the most difficult moments for the Ibelin team who previously lost, after the first two victories with San Giovanni Valdarno and Brixia, to Venice and Campabaso and. sque. The team coached by Mirco Diamante, once again, could not manage the final.

Slow departure for Ragusa

Consolini and co (Ragusa without Hampton due to injury treated with Schio, San Martino without Washington traveled to the US for personal reasons) after an unexciting start that changed gears in the third part of the match. During this time, they also found the double-digit advantage and seemed to be the master of the match.

Then the final which saw Venice on the court with three Sicilians (Marta Verona, Ilaria Milazzo and Francesca Russo, 38 points overall for them) recovered and left only six points for the hosts in the final segment. In the end, the well-deserved victory of San Martino di Lubari came. In Ragusa 24 points are not enough Christine Anyway With a thumbs up 10 out of 13 out of two, to avoid the new downtime.

Diamonds ‘a lot of confusion at crucial moments’

“The end? In general, there is never a specific reason, it is a series of contributing reasons – as coach Diamante admits – perhaps there is a regression from a material point of view in the last part, because in these moments there are quite a few courses that are not only those of the match But also on weekdays, it can make a difference. But beyond that I think that even tonight (yesterday to the reader, editor’s note) we made a lot of confusion, and also made a mistake with a series of good shots, there may also have been psychological aspects that definitely influence this” . There to wake up and work.

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Match Report

Passalacqua Ragusa – Villa San Martino di Lubari 72-80

partial progress: 19-26, 40-41, 66-57, 72-80

Pasalaqua Ragusa: Mallo NE, Romeo *9 (3/9 of 3), Consolini *10 (1/3, 2/3), Di Fine NE, Olodo NE, Dotto 2 (1/5, 0/1), Hampton NE, Vitola * 15 (6/12, 0/2), Attura * 5 (1/4, 1/7), Ostarello 7 (2/2, 0/4), Anigwe * 24 (10/13 of 2). Coach: diamond m.

2 shots: 21/39 – 3 shots: 6/26 – free throws: 12/16 – Follow-ups: 38 9 + 29 (Anyjoy 13) – help: 13 (point 4) – Balls recovered: 3 (Romeo 2) – missing balls: 12 (Ostarillo 5) – Five mistakes: dot

Villa San Martino di Lubari: Tau NE, Verona 2 (1/1 of 2), Milazzo *19 (3/8, 3/6), Ianezic, Pastrello *8 (2/4, 1/2), Frigo NE, Russo *17 (3 / 7, 2/6), Kaczmarczyk * 17 (5/9, 2/2), Arado, Dedic * 17 (6/13, 1/3) –Coach: Minions L.

2 shots: 20/45 – 3 shots: 9/22 – free throws: 13/15 – Follow-ups: 40 10 + 30 (Katschmarczyk 9) – help: 13 (Milatsu 5) – Balls recovered: 5 (Iancic 1) – missing balls: 8 (Milatsu 3).

the reviewer: Lucotti M., Forni M., Del Gaudio A.