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Who and how will be able to retire 5 years earlier but with penalties with the new law at first


Who and how will be able to leave work 5 years ago but with penalties with the new system starting in 2024? The government returns to working on pensions and resumes meetings with the trade unions, to identify common solutions that, however, will not be able to move towards a real structural reform of pensions in 2024 because the necessary economic resources do not exist and because the priorities set by the government are other priorities currently.

However, changes to existing pensions are expected, particularly in relation to early exits with the new systems starting next year.

  • Who and how will be able to leave work before 5 years but with penalties under the new 2024 system
  • Other news Early retirement is possible in 2024

Who and how will be able to leave work before 5 years but with penalties under the new 2024 system

Government intention to evaluate a New early exit system for 2024 for incentivized layoffs Which would replace the three new tools in place today for earlier retirement, by merging them into one. Today, in fact, there are three different retirement tranches that allow you to leave work early up to 7 years and they are:

  • expansion contract, which allows certain categories of workers to retire up to 5 years earlier;
  • isopensione, an early exit scheme valid only for selected workers which allows you to retire up to 7 years early;
  • Private negotiation between the company and the individual worker.

The government intends to unify these three systems, mainly following the expansion contract model Allow early exit for up to 5 years (maybe even 7 according to some rumours) for workers concerned, with contextual new hires by companies encouraging emigration, and for workers who decide to leave work early with the new system, allowance provided until reaching the normal pension.

However, the first years of leaving will result in missed subscription years, which means a penalty The final pension will be lower.

If the new early exit system starting in 2024 is approved, it will apply to workers in large but also small and medium-sized organizations. However, there are currently no more details about the methods, the amount of compensation to be paid, and the duration of the procedure.

Other news Early retirement is possible in 2024

For the rest of the expected annuity procedures, The government will rethink the 41 quota To allow all workers to retire with 41 years of contributions and without any age limit, and to calculate the final pension entirely by means of a system of contributions, as it is already done for early retirement with women’s choice, and therefore of less benefit to the workers.

As forfemale choiceIt will be difficult to move forward with restoring the old requirements as was feared until some time but we will work on the changes that allow Women over the age of sixty Leaving the world of work early, and receiving an allowance until the age of 67, to then start receiving the normal pension once the required requirements are met.

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