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'It's impossible to do a census', that's what could happen - Libero Quotidiano

‘It’s impossible to do a census’, that’s what could happen – Libero Quotidiano

On the one hand, the trade unions, on the other hand the government. In the middle is the subject of controversy green lane. or rather him Mandatory in the workplace. Essential for long-distance transportation, for bars, restaurants and universities, the Green Certificate for those now dealing with opposition. CGIL, CISL and UIL rejected the government’s proposal, So much so, that technicians assert that negotiations are “disrupted and there are no ideas.” In fact, the topic is very sensitive and it is daily life Republic To list just a few of the many nodes; There are relationships between the employer and unions, that Employee privacy protectionCorporate responsibility to ensure safety conditions in the workplace.

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To add to it all – and this is one of the government’s most worrying data – most active workers are concentrated in the exact age group between 40 and 49, but only 57.61 per cent. Covid vaccination course completed With two doses or a single dose of Johnson & Johnson. Indeed, if the vaccine data is intertwined with the employment data, the question marks grow. Just as the gap between supporters and opponents increases. It’s still complicated Find out how many employees are already protected and how much not.

The reason is simple: it is It is impossible to make a census Directly in offices and companies so as not to violate privacy. But according to some preliminary estimates, the appeal may lack 2 million workers who are compensated. Beyond trade union concerns, there is a suspicion that industrialists have an interest in cutting some costs: from sanitizing the workplace to using tampons. Next to them is also the center right: “We need common sense to maintain health and work together. The right to life and the right to work,” were the words of the League leader Matteo Salvini.

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