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Reasons Why 730 2023 Refunds Are Skipping So Many Now In July And When Will They Actually Arrive From INPS

Reasons Why 730 2023 Refunds Are Skipping So Many Now In July And When Will They Actually Arrive From INPS

What are the reasons why 730 2023 refunds skip so many in July and when will they actually arrive from INPS? Applicable laws provide for specific issues for recognizing a 730 2023 refund which generally depend on when the tax return was filed.

However, according to some rumors, the first payments were skipped in July this year, with delays, especially for payments in July and August. One wonders why the refunds have been delayed and when the refunds will actually arrive.

  • Reasons why 730 2023 refunds skipped for many july
  • When will INPS refunds really arrive?

Reasons why 730 2023 refunds skipped for many july

There are two main reasons why refunds skipped 730 2023 in Julyone can be traced in a block The work of CAF and accountants to transfer the tax returnBearing in mind that the period of the summer months is precisely the period in which cafeterias and accountants are besieged to collect the tax return, so it is easy to cause delays in transferring many tax returns and processing data, thus delaying the payment of refunds, and the other for Preventive checks initiated by the Revenue Agency.

In fact, the revenue indicated that several were identified Inconsistencies that can lead to preventive checks on the 730 and thus delay paymentup to six months. As required by current regulations, preventive checks are triggered on 730 models when they occur if:

  • The previously prepared return is amended in relation to what has already been prepared directly by the tax authorities;
  • Mods contain elements of inconsistency;
  • changes affect the income or tax derived from the declaration;
  • Tax returns are submitted to Café or qualified professionals.

They delay 730 2023 refunds even if the tax return is filed without a withholding agent: In this case, in fact, the refunded 730 is credited directly to the current account but the times can be extended up to 4-6 months.

In particular, the date of payment changes according to the amount and type of:

  • For refunds of up to 1,000 euros, the payment is to be made between December 15th and 22nd;
  • For repayments between 1,000 and 4,000 euros, repayments to be made between January and March;
  • For refunds of more than 4 thousand euros, the permit is usually checked by the Revenue Agency, extending the time from 4 to 6 months.

On the other hand, the refund times of the 730 2023 for pensioners change: in this case, in fact, the 730 is refunded directly by the INPS and in this case the second-month rule applies, so the refund is added to the second of the following month from the date of application.

If the 730 is generally filed by May 31, the refund is paid in July; Those who give 730 by June receive the refund in August, those who give 730 in July receive the refund in September and those who give in August receive it in October and so on.

When will INPS refunds really arrive?

For the first 730 2023 refunds expected in July and deferred, as indicated by the INPS, should arrive next August or even September.

In particular, for those who filed their tax return by June 20th, they must receive refunds in August; For tax returns filed by July 15, refunds arrive in September, while for returns submitted by August 31, refunds arrive in October or November and are still deferred to December for those who filed their tax return by October 2, 2023.

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